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I am currently taking commissions and pic exchanges!

Pic exchanges are free! All commissions are $5 each! Add $2 for hand drawn backgrounds.

What do u get with a commission?: What I will not do: How do you pay? Will I do free requests again?

Here's the deal. If you are interested, send me the description and I will send you the total and addy. Once I receive the money, I will start drawing the pic and I will e-mail you with the approximate completion date (Max time would be 2 weeks after e-mail). It's just easier for me this way.

You can fill out the following form:
Email -->
Name of your character -->
Copyright info -->
Species of character -->
Pose -->

Description (include colors & clothes)

     Once you submitted the info, you will return to this page.

You can also email me the decription to

*I have the right to deny or ignore any request (this would rarely happen unless you are rude)*

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